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Magnus is an AKC Junior Hunter!  He passed in four straight attempts in just three weekends in his field debut. Good Boy, Magnus!  Teach! Practice! Excel!

Magnus has spent the fall hunting wild pheasant in South Dakota and southern Minnesota.  He loves it and the freezer is getting full!

In January, "Magnus," Dewmist Cape Discovery, heads to Texas for some winter work and continues to thrive on the Bill Hillmann training method.  The program focuses on positive reinforcement to build skills, confidence and focus so that the dog is successful in any competitive pursuit and as a companion.  




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Int'l CH Carsfaddam Lochinvar


"Loch"   (3/14/01 to 4/15/14)


About Loch

Loch had a huge personality!  He was outgoing, connected with people, and was very intelligent.  Loch was mentally stable at all times, laid back, and loved to be trained.  He was a terrific family dog, enjoyed going to Starbucks, the post office, the hardware store and on every other outing just so he could be with people. 

While very social, Loch was equally talented: he earned the AKC Master Hunter title at 4 years old and qualified for AKC Master Nationals, not once, but twice! He was the only British show Golden to have done this, other than his son, Brick.  He has over 20 MH passes to his credit.

When not working or training, Loch loved to hunt.  He made several trips each year for wild pheasants in the Dakotas, loved goose and duck hunting, and had hunted all over North America.  At nearly 13 years old, he was still pheasant hunting.  He was nuts for ice fishing and fly fishing!

Loch weighed 80 pounds and was 24".  He was an import from England, many thanks to Beryl Liggins of Nunsbrook Golden Retrievers in England, and Marian Woods.  His lines are primarily Westley, which are among the oldest and most established in England.  Whelp date 3/14/2001.  He lived into his 14th year.  More on Loch's K9data page.

Loch was a conformationally correct, stunningly handsome and very British.  He had a correct, slightly wavy, water repellant coat, non-fading jet black pigment, dark eyes; gorgeous head with stop and sweet, kind expression, full dentition, deep chest and strong front with good shoulder layback, and level topline with correct tail set.  He was an example of an multi-purpose retriever: great conformation with the proven ability to perform in the field.

Frozen semen available on a limited basis to approved individuals.


Loch's Health Clearances

  • OFA Excellent hips
  • OFA clear elbows, heart, and annual eye clearances
  • Normal Thyroid (MSU)
  • Optigen clear prcd-type PRA
  • DNA clear for Degenerative Myelopathy (U of Missouri)

Loch's Accomplishments Include:

  • AKC Master Hunter (MH) at 4 years old
  • Over 20 Master Hunter passes
  • 2x AKC Master National Qualifier
  • WCX- field title
  • Super Retriever Series (SRS) competitor
  • Can. WCX- field title from Canada
  • AXP - in agility
  • AJP - in agility
  • CGC- AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • TDI- therapy
  • Int'l CH- show title
  • 2nd Place Field Dog- 2007 Canadian Specialty for conformation
  • Sired many outstanding service dogs