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Magnus is an AKC Junior Hunter!  He passed in four straight attempts in just three weekends in his field debut. Good Boy, Magnus!  Teach! Practice! Excel!

Magnus has spent the fall hunting wild pheasant in South Dakota and southern Minnesota.  He loves it and the freezer is getting full!

In January, "Magnus," Dewmist Cape Discovery, heads to Texas for some winter work and continues to thrive on the Bill Hillmann training method.  The program focuses on positive reinforcement to build skills, confidence and focus so that the dog is successful in any competitive pursuit and as a companion.  




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Velveeta JH, WC, AXP, AJP, CCA, CGC, TDI, Can. WCI and JH

6/26/03 - 11/25/14 


Velveeta was a fun-loving British Golden who we got as a 2-year old rescue dog from Camrose lines.   She had a very easy going personality.  Since being rescued she earned conformation and many performance titles, including running AKC Master Agility.  Velveeta was the most awesome pheasant hunter and she hunted all over the US and Canada.  In the summer she loved fishing and chasing frogs in ponds.  In her off time, Velveeta was a dedicated therapy dog.



  • AKC Junior Hunter (JH)- field title
  • WC (Working Certificate) - field title
  • AXP - agility
  • AJP - agility
  • CCA - conformation title
  • TDI - therapy dog
  • Can. JH - field title from Canada
  • Can. WCI - field title from Canada